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JF Technology Berhad is a leading supplier and manufacturer of test probes used for the testing of semiconductors. We offer Kelvin, Non-Kelvin, high pin count, precious plating such as Gold, Rhodium and Palladium Cobalt for variety of packages such as SO, MSOP, TSSOP, QFP, QFN,  TO220. TO263, SOT and SC.


A socket is a housing, made from advanced polymer, which holds test probes. Due to the various test applications available in the industry, the test sockets must be able to exhibit characteristics of accurate power measurement in high thermal conditions, deliver exceptional signal fidelity in high frequency applications and have the ability to withstand many insertions with minimal compromise.


TESEC(G10) test probes are another type of Kelvin test probes. However, this model is manufactured to test the older SOP-type chips, which are substantially bigger than the MLF chips. Therefore, the TESEC (G10) probe is even bigger than the G1 Kelvin test probes for the MLF chip package. The TESEC(G10) probes have a pitch of approximately 0.65 to 1.27mm

Lasak Pins 

Lasak Pins are a proprietary asset of JF Technology, which has filed the patent application for Lasak Pins in Malaysia, China, the Philippines and USA.


The proliferation of new generations of densely-packaged, high Amp IC devices run at high levels of current and temperature that are unattainable from copper-based test probes. The solution is to encase the tip of a test probe with a harder material like tungsten, thus allowing the test probes to function at a higher current and temperature.


MH test probes are Kelvin-type test probes with the pins embedded in a flexible circuit. The contact pins in this model are longer, measuring about 25mm in length, and are made to flex to fit into the test station.

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