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QTEC Technologies Sdn Bhd

Table Top TEC Controller

Model No: Q16A 

-20C up to 135C

(Thermal Solutions)

Thermo Electric Cooler Temperature Controller

Q16A Specification 

•Output Stage:

–Output Current / Channel: 0 to ±16 A,

•HV (High Voltage) Version:

–DC Input Voltage: 12 – 36 V Nominal.

–Output Voltage / Channel: 0 to ±30 V (max. UIN - 6 V).

•Operation Modes:

–Stand-Alone without Live Control Interface

–Remotely-Controlled over USB, RS485, RS422, I/O

–Script-Controlled over Lookup Table Read-Out

•Driver Modes:

–DC Power Supply: Set Current or Voltage

–Temperature Control: PID Settings, Auto Tuning, optional Cool/Heat-Only or Resistor modes

•Data Interfaces:

–USB 2.0 1kV isolated (FTDI Chip)

–2x RS485 / RS422 

•General Purpose I/O Features(Optional for Standalone):

–8x Digital I/O Signals (3.3 V / 5 V)

–Configurable as Input to control Q16A (Enable, Temperature Up / Down etc.)

–Configurable as output to monitor TEC-1123 (Error Indication, Temperature Stable Indication etc.)

•Operating Characteristics

–Temperature -40 ~ 85°C

–Humidity 5 – 95%, non-condensing 

Q16A Key Features

•True bipolar DC current source for cooling / heating.

•Two temperature monitoring inputs (1x main, 1x auxiliary) and intelligent PID control with auto tuning.

•Fully digitally controlled, it’s hard and firmware offer numerous communication and safety options. PC-Software allows configuration, control, monitoring and live diagnosis of the TEC controller via USB and RS485.

•All parameters are saved to non-volatile memory.

•The Q16A can handle either Pt100, Pt1000 or NTC temperature probes.

•Two Independent TEC Controller / Driver Channels.

•Temperature Precision / Stability: <0.01°C.

•Performance-optimized PID for Thermal Power Control .

•Efficiency: 94 % (@ 90% Load) 

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