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About QTEC Technologies Sdn Bhd

Establish in May 2007, QTEC the company is in the business of high technology equipment for semiconductor industries and solar cell industry. Supply and service semiconductor final test items likes test contactor, sockets, pogo pins, PCB interface board, testers and customize jigs.  We focus to provide customer with proven solution at the best price and quality. 


VISION: Global Innovative & Dependable Solution Provider

MISSION: We Listen ! We Commit ! We Do It !

Our History

  • 2007 -  QTEC Founded in Melaka ( Representative for Micro Control Company )

  • 2008 – Authorise as Ironwood Electronics local support

  • 2009 – Set up QTEC Technologies Pte. Ltd  (Singapore)

  • 2010 – Won SME Golden Bull Award 100

  • 2011 – Authorise as Chroma ATE Local support and Distributor 

  • 2012 -  Venture into Engineering automation and Thermal solution

  • 2013 -  Provide PCB solution (design and  fabrication)

  • 2014 -  Venture into Dry Ice Blasting services and Fabrication parts

QTEC Technologies Products & Services


  • Ironwood Electronics

  • Xeltek

  • Cycjet Printing System


  • Design & Fabrication PCB

  • Tooling Parts

  • Design & Assembly

  • Jigs

Engineering Division

  • Automation Projects

  • Green Tech Clean

  • Solutions & Services

QTEC Technologies Business Partners
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